Please contact our laboratory by telephone or email if you are interested in international orders. Dry Ice is not necessary for CANADIAN patients purchasing the kryptopyrrole test. Shipping costs are much higher for our international customers. You may receive additional discounts on testing depending on your international location. Again, please contact out laboratory by email ( or telephone (847)222-9546.

Example Option #1: We can provide you with all of the items you will need to collect the specimen(s) and be ready for shipping.

  • The specimen’s must be shipped on dry ice. Shipping charges will be your responsibility.
  • The specimens must be shipped so that we receive them on a Thursday, Central Standard Time. We are located outside of Chicago, Illinois. In the USA.
  • This will require you keeping a credit card on file so that we can charge you $68.00 USD for each specimen received. Pricing can be negotiated when high volume is being delivered. Generally, testing in the U.S. costs $80.00 to all patients. We understand that international shipping is expensive so we have discounted the pricing for you.
  • We will also charge you for our shipping cost’s to send you the collection equipment. We will provide you with a receipt for the shipping costs. We will be charging you exactly what we paid for shipping. Also, we will approve the shipping cost with you before sending the package.
  • We will charge an additional $5.00 USD for processing the paperwork.
  • If you have decided to go with option #2, please let us know and we will provide you will specimen collection instructions and shipping information in .PDF format.

We do have clients shipping internationally. Most clients are returning specimens to our laboratory by DHL or FedEx. 

We will provide you with a customs disclosure statement

General Information Regarding the Test & Specimen

  • Do Not collect the first morning urine specimen. A random urine specimen is needed.
  • If you are non-symptomatic at the moment, you may want to wait until late in the day when you are under stress to collect your specimen. Stress feels stronger to a patient with pyroluria. The higher the stress you are feeling, the more B6 and Zinc will be excreted.
  • If you are making the INITIAL DIAGNOSIS for pyroluria, no vitamins or minerals should be taken 48 hours prior to collecting your specimen. In the situation that not taking your supplements will be extremely difficult, 24 hours is sufficient.
  • If you are monitoring the effectiveness of your therapy, stay on your vitamins and minerals as directed by your practitioner.
  • Antibiotic’s may cause an interfering substance and create a result that cannot be reported. However, do not go off prescription medications unless you receive that advice from your doctor.
  • Kryptopyrrole is light sensitive and stable when frozen for 21 days. It is important that the urine specimen is handled properly. If you follow these instructions, you will protect the specimen from light and everything will fit inside the box.
  • Both specimen tubes must be filled from the same urine specimen.

Kryptopyrrole Specimen Collection Instructions 

  1. 1.    Complete the order form.
  2. 2.    Write the patients name on both specimen tubes.
  3. 3.    Take the specimen cup and both specimen tubes in the bathroom with you. You will have everything you need. You do not need to urinate in the dark. Normal indoor “indirect” light is OK, as long as you follow the directions and immediately freeze the specimens.
  4. 4.    Urinate into the specimen cup.
  5. 5.    Slowly pour the urine into the two specimen tubes up to the black line, and screw the tops on the tubes tightly and evenly. MAKE SURE THE LID IS SCREWED ON TIGHTLY
  6. 6.    Shake the specimen tube that contains the powder.
  7. 7.    Place both tubes in the biohazard plastic bag, and put them in the back of your freezer until they are frozen solid.
  8. 8.    There is a sleeve on the side of the frozen specimen bag where the order form is to be inserted.
  9. 9.    Once all of the specimens are collected, frozen, and completed with names and order forms, you are ready to ship.